Semana Santa (Holy Week) Photos,Videos,History and general information about this blessed week that is celebrated world wide. Semana Santa is observed year after year, filling streets and squares with a mystique that can only be explained fully by experiencing it yourself. Both the devout and the curious join in participation of the processions, as the crowds swarm to catch a glimpse of the brotherhoods carrying Paso (Religious Float and Sculptures) wandering through the streets in communities around the world. The entire celebration is alive with sounds, smells and color from the assortment of tunics, hoods and religious banners. Each float is carried with pride and reverent enthusiasm as an array of processions are observed from dusk till dawn. Many will be followed by the slow rhythmic beating of drums and processional music that has been handed down for generations. 

It is our goal with this site to bring you a glimpse of this marvel of Semana Santa (Holy Week). Even if you are not religious, it is a cultural event that will move you. Speaking from my own experience it is a time of celebration as well as a time for reflection. I stand in awe of an event that is so rich in tradition where friends, family and co-workers come together for a few days a year and observe the last few days of Jesus Christ and his triumphal return Easter Sunday. Please comment and feel free to send us additional information about Semana Santa or maybe just tell us about your own experience!