Semana Santa in Seville, Spain

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Processions commemorating Jesus’ death and resurrection are the focus of Holy Week in Spain.The Holy Week is a moving and dramatic experience, especially in Andalucia. The Andalusians set out their processions to eclipse all others in splendor and pathos.” In Seville, you will witness some 60,000 participants proceeding from the chapel to the Metropolitan Cathedral and back. As will all Holy Week traditions, processions start on Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday.

“The oldest brotherhood of Seville, El Silencio, was created in 1340, but most of the brotherhoods were formed in the 16th century by clergy, noblemen, guild members, or racial minorities. In Granada, the brotherhoods are much younger. Except for San Agustín, they were all established in the 20th century. Today, members of brotherhoods consist of religious laymen only. They have their own symbols, traditions, and habits reflecting their religious and social background.”

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