Semana Santa In Spain

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Semana Santa Seville Spain

Semana Santa Seville Spain

Every year a million or more Spanish and foreign tourists flock to Seville to witness the spectacular processions of Holy Week, one of Europe’s most affecting and unforgettable events. Holy Week processions have centuries of history in much of Spain, but are most extravagantly staged in Seville.

“During the whole of Semana Santa, street processions are organized in many Spanish towns each evening, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. People carry statues of saints around on floats or wooden platforms. Processions end on Easter Sunday, a day full of light and color when church and cathedral bells are heard ringing throughout the country.”

“The religious fraternities and brotherhoods are responsible for carrying the statues and organizing the penitents and musicians. The Nazareños (“people from Nazareth”) follow the people who carry the floats bearing sculptures and models of biblical scenes.”

After Seville, “the most famous Easter celebrations in Spain are held in various Andalusian towns, including Valladolid, Toledo, Segovia, Burgos, Zamora, and Cuenca.”

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